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Foresight is a personal project that caters to upperclassmen high school and college students as they navigate their academic lives. It considers every facet of the student's life that extend beyond class and homework, such as extracurricular activities and application tracking.

Students today multitask more than ever. While academic coursework remains their number one priority, other factors compete with their working memory, such as part-time jobs, applications for scholarships and housing, and other regular commitments.

Product designer

My Role

Pen & paper, Adobe XD

Two weeks


Time Frame

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The Problem

Students often have to utilize multiple organizing systems that are optimized for isolated aspects of their lives when it’s more ideal to work within a single hub.

Ultimately, the societal pressure of taking on more to achieve a sense of accomplishment trap students into overcommitment to the point of burnout.

The Goal

  1. To design an app that centralizes the student’s multi-purpose calendars and agendas.

  2. To aid the user in passing better judgment on how busy they are before committing to a new task.

User Surveys

To get a broader sense of academic and commitment behaviors, I sent out a Google form that received 21 responses from undergraduate students. The questions were a mix of multiple choice and short answer.

18 of 21

track assignments by hand or on a default app


track assignments and non-school tasks in the same place

10 of 21

work on 3 assignments per day


prepare for exams, papers, and projects 3-4 days in advance


organize their non-school schedule around their school schedule


rated 4-5 out of 5 in assessing their tendency to overcommit to too many activities at once


rated 2 out of 5 in assessing their likelihood of checking an organizer before making a new commitment

User Persona

The responses I received from the survey helped craft a user persona representative of my target audience. The average user is someone who strives to achieve balance between school and work.

Josie Carver

Josie • Undergrad sophomore • NYC

Josie is majoring in economics at NYU. She commutes to class every day and often tries to get work done during her commute. She works part-time as a teaching assistant and volunteers at a local tutoring center on the weekend. She's also part of a dance squad at college and often has late rehearsals during the weekdays.

Josie typically writes down daily tasks in her planner and inserts her schedule into her phone's calendar app. She's often flipping back and forth to plan out her days, which begins to feel tedious.


User Flow

This preliminary user flow characterizes the process of adding a task to Foresight. I wanted my design to allow seamless interaction between two different calendar views (i.e. monthly and weekly) and a daily view (i.e. Agenda). Moreover, I wanted to create a distinct flow for filtering courses, exams, extracurricular activities, and applications.

As such, the app would operate on three levels: Calendar, Agenda, and Filter.

Foresight General User Flow.png

Preliminary Sketches

My first sketches focused on fleshing out the Calendar, Agenda, and Filter views. Two features I was keen to include were shaded Calendar dates and Agenda labels.

  1. The shaded Calendar dates would objectively indicate the user's availability on a scale of least busy to most busy.

  2. The labels would appear on the Agenda when significant items are due on a particular date.

Foresight - homescreen.png
Foresight - monthly calendar 1.png
Foresight - monthly calendar 2.png
Foresight - weekly calendar 1.png
Foresight - agenda.png
Foresight - daily task view.png
Foresight - filter.png


After the preliminary sketches, I began designing wireframes for the app.

Key elements I wanted to focus on were the home screen, assignment/task views, and task creation pathways. Each cluster is demonstrated in the following wireframes.

Home Screen

Foresight - Home Options.png

Calendar (Monthly & Weekly) and Agenda Views

Foresight - Calendar + Agenda

Onboard Assignments/Tasks - Filters

Foresight - Filter Pathway.png

Refining Task Onboard User Flow

While creating the wireframes, I decided to make the filter options more visible to the user by having them appear on the home screen instead of a separate screen. I focused on streamlining the process of adding a task to Foresight, while still enabling a degree of fluidity, in case the user wants the same item to appear in multiple formats.

Adding Tasks - Foresight Flow.png

Final Design

Splash Screen.png
Home  Extracurriculars.png
Calendar - Week.png
Add Exam Filter.png
Home  Applications.png
Add Extracurricular Filter.png
Agenda - Specify Item Type.png
Delete Selected.png
Home  Filter  Edit.png
Add Options.png
Add Application Filter.png
Add Agenda - Daily Item.png
Home  Courses.png
Calendar - Month.png
Add Filter Item - Specify Filter.png
Add Calendar Item - Condensed.png
Add Agenda - Label.png
Home  Exams.png
Calendar - Month - Selection.png
Add Course Filter.png
Add Calendar Item - Expanded.png
Add Agenda - Add New Label.png
Delete Confirmation.png


The design process made me reflect on the balance between compartmentalization and integration, particularly for the organization of Calendar, Agenda, and Filter. Because it was crucial to enable multiple views based on the user’s needs, I had to be mindful of how much information the user would be exposed to in order to avoid overload. In the same way, it was definitely a challenge to consider all the ways I could allow the user to push an item to multiple views without having them input the same information all over again.